Reflections III

by Neil Stalnaker

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Reflections III is a collection of original compositions by Tokyo-based trumpeter Neil Stalnaker. This is an ambient, moody, introspective and at times inspirational set of songs related to experiences we encounter in this life.

Joining Neil on this recording is American Tokyo-based pianist/composer/arranger Jim Murray.

All compositions by Neil Stalnaker (BMI).

Recorded at Meguro River Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Recorded July 25, 2013

Neil Stalnaker-trumpet
Jim Murray-piano

Norihiko Hibino-engineer and mixing/mastering

A Mind Crevice
As I was writing or imagining this song, I was thinking about those cracks or crevices in the mind. Sometimes too much linear thinking causes me to overlook more subtle things. Thank you DeBono for lateral thinking.

Inside of Loneliness
In this composition, I was simply trying to find that place in our heart a lot of us avoid when we're incredibly lonely. Musically speaking, I think it's not the notes or even the chords but, the space between those things that needs to be explored to get inside of loneliness. It's actually not such a bad place once we drop all the resistance to being there.

Please Understand
I think the title sums it up....

Prelude to an Afterlife
Having been diagnosed with throat cancer three times in my life, I can say the concept of death and an afterlife has certainly crossed my mind. At this time, I don't have any intention to "crossover" into that space. I guess maybe with this song, I was imagining some possible musical sounds associated with such an event.

Sensory Deprivation
Twenty years ago on the side of a beautiful mountain (Rich Mt., West Virginia) in a small building next to my friend's farm house, I had absolutely the most relaxing and possibly most profound experience of my life. My greatest experiences were the births of my 3 kids. My friend was kind enough to share his sensory deprivation tank (flotation tank) several times. Wow!!! What an experience!!! In the case of this tune however, I'm referring to that point you've reached when you're worn down, beaten down and emotionally drained. Numb (title of a song in "Reflections II.").

Many things come to mind as I think about this song and the title. The repetition of one pitch kind of represents being alone. Living like a recluse.

Suspended Disbelief
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was just unbelievable? Simply unbelievable? Usually involves some "drama." And it requires us to temporarily set our ideas of what is normal and customary off to the side so we can soak up the unbelievable.

Waiting for an Answer
That long agonizing wait. Excruciating. Minutes seem like hours. Hours like days. I'm obviously operating at a different tempo in life than the person or persons on the "other side."

***Bonus*** FREE DOWNLOAD (eBook)
Cancer? Now What? by Neil Stalnaker

On December 16, 2013, I sat in a cafe in Tokyo thinking about
the ordeal with throat cancer over the past two years and the
lingering effects from my first experience with stage IV throat
cancer in 1991. The following is stream of consciousness writing
from an afternoon in Shinjuku (Tokyo).

I hope this gets into the hands of those who can use it immediately...

You will get a PDF (3MB) file.


released December 1, 2013

Neil Stalnaker - trumpet
Jim Murray - piano

All compositions by Neil Stalnaker (BMI)

Recorded & Mixed by Norihiko Hibino
Recorded at Meguro River Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Recorded on July 25, 2013

Cover Photography/Design - Neil Stalnaker

Photo: Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan

Copyright 2013 Neil Stalnaker



all rights reserved